become a professional magician.

Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier, creators of the Double Fond Formation magic school in Paris

Learn magic to become a professional magician

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You want to become a professional magician ?
You have been passionate about magic since your childhood and want to participate in this prestigious universe ?
Mentalisme, illusions, magie du spectacle, close-up et tours de magie bluffant, au sein de notre école de magie à Paris, il n’y a pas d’âge pour apprendre la magie.
We open the doors to an art and a school unique in France.
At the end of your training, you will be able to fully practice your profession as a magician.

Learn from the best French magicians

Apprendre la magie est désormais accessible à tous ! Avec internet, les cours de magie à distance et les tutos vous donnent la possibilité d’apprendre beaucoup plus facilement la magie. Sachez que l’illusionnisme et la magie sont un art à part entière. Apprendre la magie seul peut être limité et limitant. Venir prendre des cours de magie dans notre école de magie à Paris, c’est apprendre et développer vos dons de prestidigitateur, surprendre vos spectateurs, créer des liens magiques et être formés par les meilleurs magiciens français. Dominique Duvivier, President and his daughter Alexandra Duvivier, Philippe de Perthuis, Benoît Rosemont, Jean-Pierre Crispon… Non, vous ne rêvez pas ! Nous l’avons fait ! Cerise sur le gâteau : Eric Antoine , is the sponsor of our training !

In good humor and interactivity, the secrets of magic and magic techniques are taught to you by illusionist artists and professional magicians. Practical, technical and staging the show, your knowledge and experience will only be exponential thanks to our training. We also give you the opportunity to follow our magic training remotely. You choose, magic, right?

A little nod to Adeline Galland, our manager and communications manager. Pedagogical manager of our school, she moved heaven and earth so that the diploma of Magician BAC +2 sees the light of day !

Ecole de magie à Paris Double Fond Formation
Ecole de magie à Paris Double Fond Formation

How to learn magic ? 

Today, there are several ways to learn magic. Magic books, videos and tutorials on YouTube, magic shops or magic clubs. Many schools of magic have emerged in France. Double Fond Formation remains, however, the one and only school of magic that allows you to obtain a diploma or a validation of your professional skills. Magic courses, magic training from 10 hours to 80 hours or certification and course modules of more than 550 hours, we give you the choice of your learning.

Magic lessons accessible to all

To meet growing demand, we wanted to pass on our art and our passion by creating a certification and diploma school. Gone are the hours of trying to learn "magic tricks" on your own. How to become a magician? Learn magic as an adult. Yes, we give you the opportunity to do so. Remotely or face-to-face, our magic class remain accessible to all.

A school of magic in the 4th arrondissement of Paris

Our magic school is located in Paris, in the 4th arrondissement of the capital. Easily accessible with the metro lines Saint Paul station (line 1) and Pont Marie station (line 2), you will reach us easily. If you are by bus, Buses 69, 76, 96, Saint Paul stop will take you to our school. Finally, the Indigo Paris Pont Marie car park is only 600 meters from our magic school.

With Double Fond Formation, you learn the art of staging, the secrets of magic from professionals. You save time and efficiency.

Become a magician and convey the values ​​of magic

Our offer of professional magician training is part of a desire to convey the values ​​of magic to enthusiasts wishing to practice the practice of this art.

For both amateur and professional, the magician training course of our school includes a rewarding and professionally recognized certification.

A unique magic school in France : Double Fond Formation

Our magic school, Double Fond Formation, is unique in France. Located in Paris, in the 4th arrondissement of the capital, this school was designed and created to make magic accessible to all. We allow you to obtain a magic diploma, recognized by the French State, at BAC+2 level.

Remotely or face-to-face, the magic school Double Fond Formation gives you the opportunity to to become a magician, to discover magic and all the culture of enchantment that it has aroused for centuries.

A la carte training, online or face-to-face, we give you the keys to fully exercise your profession and satisfy your passion.

Diplome de magie - Ecole de magie à Paris
Diplome de magie – Ecole de magie à Paris

1. Where to learn magic ?

To learn magic, we invite you to come to our training center dedicated to the world of prestidigitation. We give you several possibilities to to become a magician :

  • en présentiel, avec plus de 500 heures de magic training ;
  • remotely, if your geographical distance is significant or if you have professional or family requirements ;
  • À la carte avec des magic class de 10 heures à 80 heures.

If you want to know more about our magician training program, see our dedicated page.

How to be a magician? How become a professional magician as a hobbyist ?
These are questions that come up very often. Many candidate magicians ask us these questions.

In the performing arts, illusionist magicians are very popular. Card tricks, Chinese rings, coin tricks, mentalism or close-up, our magic lessons take place in an event venue known to all, the café-théâtre entirely devoted to magic, the Double Fond

Apprendre la magie avec des magiciens professionnels à Paris
Apprendre la magie avec des magiciens professionnels à Paris

2. Our magic training

Our Training Offer was created thanks to the initiative of Dominique Duvivier, a prestigious magician, exercising his passion and his profession in Paris. Graduate, our magic training program is based on 4 blocks of skills :

  1. Culture and practice of magic
  2. Setting-up an act / show
  3. Interpretation of a number / show
  4. Business development and management

The 4 modules represent a total of 550 hours of training. We also estimate that 2,800 hours of personal work is required to master the art of illusion and staging.

Finally, a final exam allows you to obtain a professional magic degree recognized by the French and European States.

This certification is equivalent to a bac + 2 level. You also have the possibility of validating your professional skills (VAP) and obtaining a funding for your magic training thanks to CFP. In addition, we allow you to pay in installments free of charge. Magic, right ?

3. The objectives of our training : devenir un vrai magicien !

3. The objectives of our professional magic training are to make you discover the secrets for become a real magician, to practice exclusive and professional magic.

We give you all the cards to live from your passion and your profession: magic lessons (close-up, mentalism, magic for children…), show and staging, creation of illusion and management of a company.

This magic that gives meaning to a show, the one that creates the illusion, the one that reveal your talent to live unforgettable moments with your public or your guests.

Des formations de magie courtes : de 10 heures à 80 heures

Depending on your geographical distance and your availability, we also offer short magic training courses :

  • 10 hours magic training ;
  • 20 hours magic training ;
  • 40 hours magic training ;
  • 80 hours magic training.

We offer you a rhythm oflearning magic as you want. In face-to-face or remotely.. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Formation de magie, école du Double Fond Formation avec Alexandra Duvivier, magicienne professionnelle
"A la carte" magic training, Double Fond school, with Alexandra Duvivier

4. Realize your dream, belong to the family of magicianss

Magic is an art that has survived the centuries. The effect of surprise and admiration that can be read on the faces of the spectators remains a unique moment.

We give you the codes to use your talent. Advice, discipline, experience, you will emerge transformed from our training. You will never be alone again. You will belong to the great family of magicians..

Des élèves devenus magiciens grâce au Double Fond Formation
Students who have become magicians thanks to the Double Fond Formation magic school

A BAC +2 magician diploma, recognized by the French State Français

Magic allows you to quickly create a direct and deep contact with your audience. To become a magician, you need rigor, developing perfect mastery of the different manipulation techniques and working on the presentation of each scene number.
The path to learning magic is long. He is infinite. It remains magical at all times.

Certification reconnue du diplôme de magie
A BAC +2 magician diploma, recognized by the French State

Learn from the best French magicians et illusionnistes français

The strengths of our school are many. The creators, Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier, wanted you to benefit from all their experience acquired over the years. Magic of the spectacle, magic of emotions, performing art and staging of illusion.

We give you the opportunity to learn from the best professional magicians. Find thepedagogical team of our magic school in Paris

Come to our school of magic in Paris

If you want to know more about our school of magic and its diploma course ? Feel free to contact us.. Magical moments guaranteed in our company ! To join us, consult our training program and do not hesitate to visit us.

Our training center is located in Paris, in the 4th arrondissement of the capital, 1 Pl. du Marché Sainte-Catherine, 75004 Paris.

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